advantages of hard chrome

• Resistance to friction and abrasion wear;

• Increases surface hardness;

• Corrosion and oxidation resistance;

• High temperature resistance;

• Resistance to chemical action;

• Increases tool life;

• Reduces production costs;

• Significantly improves the release of parts.

Technical information

HARDNESS - High between 68/70 Hr (rockwell), 900/1000 Hv (vickers) average, Mohs scale of 8.5;

FRICTION - Low coefficient with high sliding power, with no need for lubricants, as it does not generate particle adhesion;

WEAR - Hard chrome-plated material resists about 5 to 8 times more than without hard chrome;

RESISTANCE - Absence of oxidation at high and low temperatures and resistance to corrosion, chemical action, among others;